Thursday, June 23, 2011

Diamond Rings Designs

Diamond rings designs, the hardest known material is pure carbon, crystallized under very high pressure and temperature. In nature, as there is a unique environment, at depths of 150 to 200 km below the surface of the earth. Volcanic eruptions drive the diamond bearing rocks called "kimberlite" and "lamproite" to the surface of the land where diamonds can be extracted.

Among the different types of jewelry in which the diamond has played a leding, none is of greater human interest than the smallest of all the diamond rings given to pledge to seal a love and marriage. Seen in historical perspective, the modern engagement ring is the latest link in a long line to go far in the past. Rings as forms of adornment dates back several millennia, but the earliest surviving writings that rings as a symbol of love of the roman playwright plautus are in the second century ace, 10 and wedding rings are known from inscriptions in recorded cases marriage contracts sealed in the presence of the image of the emperors.

The latest trend in diamond jewelry is the ring right hand diamond. In western tradition, an engagement ring is a ring worn by a woman in his left ring finger indicating her engagement to marry. Typically, the ring he wears on the ring finger of the right in some countries. By modern convention, the ring is usually presented as an engagement gift for a man to his prospective bride while or directly after she accepts his marriage proposal. It represents a formal agreement to future marriage.

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