Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Feather Earrings Trend

Wondering what are the best styles for watching this season? Eager to start shopping for earrings that will update your look while keeping in check in your pocket?

Read on to get the latest news in the world of fashion-conscious.
Vintage is back! - Separate sophisticated and feminine details abound in this season. That means clip on earrings are once considered the go-to accessory for fall.

Choose from pieces of today's art deco or clear plastic chandelier earrings in delicate colors. Even if you have pierced ears, try sports clip earrings for a win-win real style statement. They work well with the color schemes in gray, pink, black and neutral.
colors rule! - If you are thinking of dressing in earth tones for fall and winter, at least add a splash of color to your look with a great pair of earrings.

Bright enamel earrings are sterling silver or gold the work well and do not cost a fortune. Although some of these styles can be heavy, you can always opt for the clip on earrings, as they will not weigh your ears.
It's all about texture - Earrings made of materials much fun as a link in the chain, leather, wood, and even feathers are ideal for adding interest and style of classic separates.

Although it is best to keep these styles outside the office, you can still get away with a bit of a feather earrings trend toward - if not exceeded. Remember couple contrast with fabrics and materials for a balanced look. For example, if you choose difficult slopes, then pair with a flirty feminine blouse.

Brightness is well used during the day - Instead of saving this great pair of earrings for a special event, breaking with your favorite pair of earrings or a clip and sports during the morning hours as well. I feel something great that brings love, besides their confidence will shine through.

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